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  Digital Fokus Gurus2go GeekSquad
Virus Removal $75.00 $99.95 $229.00
Spyware Removal $75.00 $99.95 $229.00
Data Migration $75.00 $99.95 $229.00
Operating System Install $75.00 $99.95 $229.00
Wireless Network Setup $75.00 $99.95 $159.00
Setup Broadband Service $75.00 $99.95 $159.00
Network Storage Device Setup $75.00 $99.95 $159.00
Broadband Phone Service Install $75.00 $99.95 $159.00

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Of course, price isn't the only reason to choose Digital Fokus over a competitor. Go ahead, shop around... you will soon find that not only does Digital Fokus offer the best pricing, but we also offer you the fastest service and most qualified computer repair technicians.

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